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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Retro Kitchen Design Sets and Ideas

It is fun to once in a while look back and see what was considered cool and trendy during the past. In this post we take a look at the kitchens of yesteryear – those from 1920s to 1960s.

Kitchens then used bold colors like yellow, blue and jadeite green with checkerboard floors and vivid patterns. Also prominent were the painted cabinets, glass knobs, vintage linens and conspicuous electrical appliances that were meant to be used for long periods. In those days, the throwaway mentality was unheard of and people preferred to repair and re-use rather than replace.

Finding retro kitchens on the web is not an easy task. We could always use more help. If you come across any retro kitchen that you think need to be featured here, please mention them in the comments. Also we run a steady stream of cool posts like this at Home Designing and if you like to be notified when we have more such inspiring posts, please subscribe to our feed or newsletter!

Rare as they come, there are actually a few terrific websites out there that are dedicated to documenting and digitizing past kitchens. Antique Home Styles is one such website and we would highly recommend them if you are on the look out for such kitchens. Here are a few snaps from their collection:

Black and White Kitchen Designs From Mobalpa

There is something to a room designed in black and white. A black and white kitchen can be elegant, enigmatic and can give a dramatic look to your home. Decorating a black and white kitchen requires a good eye for balance and placement. The colours, even if slightly off, can ruin the look of the whole room. But if used well together, black and white play off each other’s strengths and will definitely give the kitchen an appealing look. We thought, in this post, we will show you guys how the pros do it. Here are some inspirational black and white kitchens from French kitchen maker Mobalpa.