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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wall Stickers That Lend a Personal Touch

There’s always a corner in everyone’s living room that looks a bit empty, or a wall above a bathroom tub that just looks lonely. If you think wallpapers are a little too ‘old-fashioned’, consider getting stickers from Not On The High Street which are a fabulous way to make a space pop. If your kids are a little too enthusiastic about scribbling personalizing their walls, we recommend you to check out the chalkboard stickers which could be a good way to channel their creativity. Also name stickers are another good way to customize the spaces for them, and selecting stickers in the extreme opposite color of the wall will make the room come alive.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How To Create A Cozy Space

You are starting in a stark white room, one window with a pull down shade and are feeling totally lost at how to make it warm and comfortable.  Consider these ideas when trying to create a more intimate personalized space.

Only the Shadow Knows
Using Directed Lighting will add shadows - this is good ! Shadows block out areas and draw you more visually into the room. Directed lighting is exactly what it sounds like - light that you can direct where it lands. Examples are table lamps, and standing lamps with down cast shades which create the shadows. Be sure to use warm varieties of incandescent lighting instead of florescent or halogen.

Textures - Patterns - Colors

Textures: Throw blankets, plush pillows and soft textures will add immediate coziness to your space. Books in bookcases add texture, as do baskets. This would not be a good place for black chrome arm chairs or lots of mirrors. Your furniture finishes should be textured instead of sleek. Every style of furniture could meets these criteria.

Patterns: When using patterns in a room, choose those that fit your style, and keep in mind that the more patterns you use, the smaller the room will appear which helps to create "cozy" feeling. Throw rugs are a great way to add dimension to a room (and is also renter friendly). 

Color - the darker the color, the more it draws you into a space. Whether it’s wood furniture, pillow shams or on your walls. 

It would be wise if you are working with a small room to apply these suggestions sparingly avoid creating a cramped atmosphere.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

From Small to Spacious

Decorating and furnishing a small apartment or studio can be challenging, but when done correctly your small spaces will look and feel more spacious..
Try these suggestions for creating space.

When selecting furniture for your small space choose smaller pieces that have a more open design.

A love seat with exposed legs, two small side chairs, and a small round glass top coffee table, would be a better choice than, a large sofa with hidden legs, love seat, and a large solid wood coffee table.

Arrangements and Traffic Flow
When arranging your furniture be aware of traffic patterns, all traffic should flow uninterrupted through your room. In a living room start with the sofa or love seat. When arranging your furniture start with the largest piece on the largest wall and facing your focal point. Then create a conversation area. Place a side chair on each side of the Love seat and place your coffee table where it can be reached from all three sitting places.

Accessories and Patterns
In small spaces be careful not to over use accessories. Remember, less is more if you want to create that open feeling. Mirrors and shiny reflective accessories help create the illusion of more space.  Larger patterns should be limited to pillows and smaller accessories rather than a large sofa or love seat.

When choosing color schemes, select soft and monochromatic colors.
Use the same or similar colors for your large pieces of furniture and your walls and keep your ceiling lighter than the rest of the room. 

Use a soft even light and eliminate shadows which tend to slice a room up into smaller spaces. Incandescent lighting will also soften a room. Avoid ceiling lighting this will visually lower your ceiling.

Keep your apartment simple and clean. If you don't need it throw it out!
Clutter free - Stress-free!  Less is more