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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Customizing Your Home By Doing It Yourself!

One of the hottest trends today is do-it-yourself decorating. Shows appearing on stations like “HGTV" provide inspiration for ways to incorporate current decorating trends into your home décor while sticking to your budget. Everyone wants their home to be stylish and reflect their personality. As these shows demonstrate, easy, inexpensive changes can have a major impact on your home.
1. Simple changes can make a huge difference in a room.  Something as straightforward as choosing a new paint color can have a considerable impact.

2. Tie the rest of the room together with coordinating accents you sew yourself, such as throw pillows, table runners, curtains, and for the ambitious, slip covers. A little time and fabric can really transform a room. By making these items yourself, you not only save money, but you’re assured of getting exactly what you want.

Don’t be surprised to find fabric that matches or coordinates with your sofa or wallpaper. And there are a wide variety of trims that can help add that professional touch to home sewing projects.

3. Have the Right Tools for the Job - Of course, having the right tools makes these projects easier and more enjoyable. For example, The ‘my choice’ sewing machine has five stitch collections, one of which is designed specifically for home dec sewing with 18 decorative and practical stitches to make your sewing easier.

Experienced sewers can jump right in and tackle more complex items like draperies and slipcovers, which might overwhelm those who are still mastering the basics. But smaller projects are a great way to practice various sewing techniques without investing a lot of time or money. A table runner, for example, is basically a fabric rectangle cut to the appropriate size and hemmed on all sides. If you feel you need a little guidance, consider a home decorating sewing class; check with your favorite fabric store or sewing machine dealer for classes. Your local adult education program or park district may also offer classes.

Get Inspirations:  Being sure you are properly motivated makes a huge difference. Dream Books are a wonderful way to visually pull your space together without actually moving a piece of furniture. Cut out photos from furniture catalogs or magazines and paste them into a binder by creating a page for each room. Pattern books are another great source of ideas. Pattern companies have recognized this trend in sewing for your home, and there are a variety of patterns out there for sewers from beginners to professionals.

The ‘my choice’ sewing machine offers a stitch package to suit every mood of sewing. It features five stitch collections with stitches categorized for couture, home decor, quilting and crafting. There is also a collection that consumers can customize themselves based on their sewing preferences. For more information about ‘my choice’ and other Bernina sewing machines, visit or your local Bernina dealer.

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